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multi-user IRC bouncer with SSL and IPv6 support for Unix compatible systems.



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ircproxy is an advanced multi-user IRC bouncer written in C with IPv6 and SSL support. It should work on most unix systems and is known to be working on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, GNU/Linux, Solaris and HP-UX.

It can proxy simultaneous users at the same time to different IRC servers.

The IRC connection can stay connected to IRC when the IRC client disconnects, the user can then later reattach to the same IRC connection.

Private messages and channel activity can an be logged when no IRC clients are attached. You can then see what you have been missing while you're offline.

It is also possible to attach multiple IRC clients on the same IRC connection. This is useful if you want to be connected from home and work at the same time without cloning.

See Whats new to find out what's new in 1.3.x.

If you have any questions please visit the forum.

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